Apple cut iAd ‘to starve Google’s core business’: column 

Dilger’s theory is that as Apple owns the richest, most lucrative users, the company now wants to give them as much ad-free privacy as possible. “Poor neighborhoods are emblazoned with billboards and ads. Rich neighborhoods are not,” he writes. “Advertising is increasingly restricted in neighborhoods as land values climb. There’s a general revolt against invasive advertising the higher you climb in sophistication and wealth.”In this scenario, it is as if Apple is trying to teach the marketplace that ads are for the poor losers on Android, and people (with money) who want a superior, hassle-free experience should come to Apple.In this context, it is interesting that Apple probably provides 13.5% of Google’s entire revenue. And that Apple can cut much of that off if it tweaks iOS to block more ads or removes Google as the default from its software.

Source: Apple cut iAd ‘to starve Google’s core business’: column – Business Insider