Amazon Underground, a New Kind of App Store, Is Blowin’ Up

Not disruptive tech here.  It’s a disruptive business model.  Gets interesting if they can scale it:

For those unfamiliar with Underground—which, realistically, includes most people—the model is incredibly simple, especially for customers. Simply download a game, usually one that costs at least a dollar or two on other platforms, and play for free. There’s no up-front cost, and no in-app upsell. Amazon pays developers, meanwhile, based on how much time people spend using the apps.But how much do they pay? And how much time do people really spend in them? Amazon has shed some light on Underground, and how quickly it has grown in a challenging climate. As with its hardware sales, the numbers Amazon shares aren’t absolute. Instead, they’re percentages, so it’s impossible to say exactly how Underground sizes up next to Google Play and the App Store. (Hint: Still very, very small!). The growth has been significant, though.

Source: Amazon Underground, a New Kind of App Store, Is Blowin’ Up | WIRED