New Info On The Value Of Amazon Prime Members

The difference is amazing when you can segment away your best customers:

We know that, on average, Prime members spend more on Amazon than non-Prime members (which is expected), but we don’t know how much those Prime members are converting searches to purchases. Well, a new report from Millward Brown Digital estimates that when compared to non-Prime members, Amazon’s most “Prime” customers are converting those purchases 74 percent of the time, Internet Retailer reported.

In contrast, that compares to non-Prime member estimated conversion rates of 13 percent, according to Millward Brown Digital, which is a website traffic measurement firm. Its most recent research also suggests that Prime member’s conversion rate is 22 times higher than the typical eCommerce conversion rate in the U.S.

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Inventory quality: Snapchat – Tap to View

Interesting comment I saw was that advertisers liked users having to press and hold (good proxy for paying attention) so this is your run of the mill increase scale while lowering quality move:

Today marks a pretty big change for Snapchat — you no longer have to press and hold the screen to view a Snap or Story — instead, simply Tap to View!

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AOL Takes Over Majority of Microsoft’s Ad Business, Swaps Google Search For Bing

Where you were the day Microsoft gave up on ads?

tldr: Essentially, with the exception of search, this deal marks Microsoft’s exit from the ad sales business.

AOL and Microsoft MSFT struck a new partnership that will result in AOL taking over ad sales responsibilities for display, mobile and video ads across Microsoft properties in the U.S. and eight other markets.

In addition, as part of the deal, Microsoft’s Bing will power search results and search advertising on AOL’s properties for the next 10 years. Bing is displacing Google GOOGL , which had long provided search technology for AOL.

As part of the new arrangement, all of Microsoft’s roughly 1,200 advertising employees — from engineering to sales — will be getting offer letters to join AOL, according to a person familiar with the matter.

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When a Company Is Put Up for Sale, in Many Cases, Your Personal Data Is, Too

Remember, this was a big deal with Radio Shack and Apple stepped up to try and block it:

Provisions like that act as a sort of data fire sale clause. They are becoming standard among the most popular sites, according to a recent analysis by The New York Times of the top 100 websites in the United States as ranked by Alexa, an Internet analytics firm.

Of the 99 sites with English-language terms of service or privacy policies, 85 said they might transfer users’ information if a merger, acquisition, bankruptcy, asset sale or other transaction occurred, The Times’s analysis found. The sites with these provisions include prominent consumer technology companies like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and LinkedIn, in addition to Hulu.

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Inside AdWords: Better click quality on display ads improves the user and advertiser experience

Improving click quality on mobile.  The last one could be gaming engagement but Google gotta do what they gotta do:

Blocking clicks that happen close to the image edge

Blocking clicks on the app icon

Adding a clickability delay

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Inside a counterfeit Facebook farm

Creating  fake facebook profiles for businesses:

A São Paulo gym might request 75 female Brazilian fitness fanatics, or a bar in San Francisco’s Castro district might want 1,000 local gay men. Her current order is the most common: fake Facebook profiles of beautiful American women between the ages of 20 and 30. Once a client has received the accounts, he will probably use them to sell Facebook likes to customers looking for an illicit social media boost.

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Zynga Analytics at its Peak

We’ve known Zynga has been extremely data driven so that’s not interesting.  What is though is downside of being rigorous about data:

Although Zynga’s focus on metrics led to extremely successful growth and revenue initially, some Zynga alumni think that the company may have been too data-driven during their time there (things may be a bit different today).

One former product manager commented that with Zynga’s intense focus on short term, measurable wins and immediate metrics like daily active users, they often missed out on things that are harder to measure, such as improving the overall usability of a game. He thought that “data was used as an excuse for going after short term gains.” By trying to maximize revenue, the art of making games was lost.

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