Google Considering Future Without Apps, After App Install Search Tweak | Re/code

Makes sense– Google lost on the app phase of mobile, but that doesn’t mean they have to lose the next phase.

Conversations with people inside and recently departed from Google reveal that the company is spending considerable attention on what comes after mobile apps, and how Google can usher that era in.

Source: Google Considering Future Without Apps, After App Install Search Tweak | Re/code

Everyone is writing about adblocking these days

I guess with iOS 9 around the corner, it’s forcing everyone in the industry to have these tough conversations about ad blocking.

Here’s one theory: ad blocking could create a flight to quality:

What if those publishers asked consumers to whitelist them in order to be able to access content.This would be a flight to media quality. An old colleague of mine used to call it “media that matters”. Publishers whose content is unique and matters enough to consumers to be whitelisted naturally survive and in fact thrive in this scenario.

Via: Ad-blocking and a flight to quality — Medium

I think there are only a handful of sites that can pull this off.  Web traffic is like water– it’s going to flow where it’s easiest to flow.  If a news site restricts me from viewing an article about Donald Trump, I’m going to keep clicking on the next link until I find one that works.

There’s an appeal about Doc Searls’ prediction on ad blocking:

  1. Brand advertising (the non-tracking-based kind) will be seen again as the most legitimate form of advertising.

  2. Brand advertising will again be credited for doing the good work of funding publishers (also broadcasters, podcasters and the rest).

  3. Adtech, and spying in general, will be shunned, as it deserves to be.

  4. Adtech will still live on, rehabilitated and cleansed, as a trusted symbiote of users who give clear and unambiguous permission for trackers they bless to dwell in their private spaces and give them optimal personalized advertising experiences.

Via Doc Searls Blog

For every action, there is a reaction.  We don’t know what’s going to win out but I think it’s too inside the box thinking that we won’t see something emerge from outside the box.



Desktop Ad Spending Peaked In 2013

Desktop advertising spending is in decline amid surging growth in mobile advertising, according to research firm eMarketer, a trend that will put more pressure on publishers struggling to draw revenue from their ever-increasing audiences on smartphones and tablets.The U.S. mobile ad market is poised to blow by desktop spending for the first time this year, according to a new eMarketer report. Advertisers will spend $30.45 billion on mobile ads in 2015, a 59% increase from 2014.

Source: Desktop Ad Spending Peaked In 2013 – CMO Today – WSJ

Verizon, AOL Pay $238 Million for Millennial Media

Aol Verizon hoovering up ad tech cos:

Verizon’s AOL unit has finished its purchase of Millennial Media, a mobile ad network that has struggled to make it in an industry dominated by Facebook.AOL says it is paying $1.75 per share for Millennial, which traded as high as $27.90 when it went public in 2012, and closed at $1.34 last night. After accounting for Millennial’s cash and debt, AOL says it will end up spending $238 million on the company; investors once thought Millennial was worth $1.87 billion.

Source: Verizon, AOL Pay $238 Million for Millennial Media | Re/code

Head of Business Development for Google Compare Auto Insurance – New York, NY – Indeed Mobile

Hey auto insurance firms, your Google game is changing:

The Google Compare Auto Insurance is a critically important channel for Google to interact directly with customers seeking to purchase auto insurance.

As the Head of Business Development, you will lead a team to drive all business development activities for Google’s Compare product, primarily in the auto insurance field. You will work with cross-functional teams (Product, Engineering, Marketing, Operations, Finance and Legal) to define the partner strategy required for Google to succeed, source and execute the agreements to govern all third party relationships, then manage those relationships to grow and scale the business. Your focus will be on securing Auto Insurer partners, agencies, software houses, aggregators and working closely with Product/Engineering to product enhancements based on user and partners’ feedback to make the compare product a better experience for our customers/partners.

Source: Head of Business Development for Google Compare Auto Insurance – New York, NY – Indeed Mobile

AT&T Hotspots: Now with Advertising Injection

We’ve seen this movie before– ad injection by ISPs.

The ad injection platform appears to be a service from RaGaPa, a small startup. Their video pitch features “MONETIZE YOUR NETWORK” over cascading dollar signs. (Seriously.)

When an HTML page loads over HTTP, the hotspot makes three edits. (HTTPS traffic is immune, since it’s end-to-end secure.)

via AT&T Hotspots: Now with Advertising Injection | Web Policy.