Yahoo reportedly returning to roots in search tech

Recode’s Kara Swisher says that the tech giant has ordered up two new search-related initiatives, codenamed Fast Break and Curveball. Details are still scant about the specifics of each project, but they will reportedly bring the company back to some of the nitty-gritty of taking queries — algorithmic search and search advertising.

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Google’s Search Results Can Deep-Link To Your Android Apps

Say you’re using the Google Search app to dig up some dirt on that Ender’s Game movie that doesn’t look very good. If you happen to have the IMDb app installed on your device while you search, you’ll be treated to an info card in that results stream that includes an “Open in app” button.

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New Google Chrome Puts Search Box In New Tabs Page

Google put a search bar in the new tab page of their Chrome browser.  I guess it’s time to expect more volatility in GOOG shares.  When you’re at Google scale, changes like this have huge revenue consequences (see Bill Gurley’s excellent post on how small moves in conversion rate have enormous leverage on company profit).  Google seems to do this methodically and really understands the revenue impact of these small moves so I wouldn’t be surprised if they are backing into a number they need to hit for the quarter.

Google Chrome Redesign & New Tab Page Rolls Out To All | TechCrunch.

Conduit, Worth $1.4BN, Merges With Email Giant Perion (Worth $153M) To Take Its Place On NASDAQ | TechCrunch

Blast to the past– search distribution companies unite:

The combination creates a search distribution company generating $367 million in revenue and $109 million in EBITDA for the 12 months ended June 30, 2013. The newly combined Perion operation represents more than 260,000 publisher and content partners.

via Conduit, Worth $1.4BN, Merges With Email Giant Perion (Worth $153M) To Take Its Place On NASDAQ | TechCrunch.

Inventor of the search engine: Jonathon Fletcher

Entertaining article on the inventor of the search engine:

Mr Fletcher quickly built an easy-to-navigate search tool for the index, stuck his website on Mosaic’s What’s New page, and the world’s first modern search engine was in operation.

“I would say that he is the father of the web search engine,” says Prof Mark Sanderson of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, who has studied the history of information retrieval.

via BBC News – Jonathon Fletcher: forgotten father of the search engine.