Amazon’s Foray Into Advertising

Here’s an AdAge article on Amazon’s new online advertising initiatives:

Amazon isn’t exactly a newcomer to advertising, but until recently its ad efforts existed in a sort of extended beta: mainly as a way for Amazon’s suppliers to promote their products and, more recently, as a means to subsidize low Kindle prices. But now Amazon is going after agency business and brand advertising dollars as well. Last week it pulled the wraps off “Amazon Media Group,” a world of owned sites, devices and a third-party network that can use Amazon’s trove of purchase and browsing data.

Like everywhere Amazon plays, its ambitions in advertising are big. And as a global player that builds its own technology, the company is positioned to compete with the likes of Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Microsoft. We sat down with Amazon’s global head of advertising, Lisa Utzschneider, to find out more about Amazon’s plans.

via Advertising Becomes Amazon’s Newest Low-Price Weapon | Digital – Advertising Age.