PayPal Makes Buying Products Faster With New In-Context Checkout Process

Helping you optimize the conversion funnel:

PayPal Makes Buying Products Faster With New In-Context Checkout Process.

ryi 730x584 PayPal makes buying products faster with its new in context checkout process, available by June


Zulily’s IPO filing S-1 Analysis

A very thorough analysis of Zulily and their recent S1 filing to go public.

What makes Zulily stand-out relative to others is that it appears (at least in the Q1 2011 customer cohort) that average spend per customer per year does not decline on an annual basis. Like I said, this is a unique positive characteristic and one that is rarely seen in any ecommerce business

via My reaction to Zulily’s IPO filing and Flash Sales explained | #LongLA.

Mobile retail e-commerce strategy from McKinsey

This is a good post about ecommerce mobile strategy employed by some of the big e-commerce players.  It’s based on recent research from McKinsey’s iConsumer initiative.

Be clear about and reinforce the total value of the store.

Aggressively make mobile core to multichannel.

Work with suppliers to offer a more unique assortment.

Use digital offers to get users in stores.

Make it simple to buy.

Think local, act local.

via Mobile Consumer Showdown – Business Insider.