Facebook doing things that don’t scale: each video ad will be pre-screened by 500 viewers

[BTW, I don’t mean that pejoratively.  It’s a reference to a popular blog post by Paul Graham, of ycombinator]:

Each video will be screened before it airs by a panel of about 500 viewers, who make up a representative sample of Americans. They will give the 15-second videos a score to reflect how much they like them. Only videos that score highly will get onto Facebook’s video ad platform.

Facebook Video Ads Ace Metrix Screening Creative – Business Insider.



How to spend your first $100 in Facebook Ads

A few caveats about online advertising:


Be patient. It can take a day to 6 months to get your online advertising to be profitable.


Not every advertising channel will work for everyone. I’ve spent $100,000+ on Google advertising and only made back $25,000. If you do the math, that’s not good
When you do find a channel that’s profitable, spend as much as you can, while you can. When I was advertising on a newsletter I found I was spending $750 a week to sponsor and making $1,500 back within 2 weeks. That’s an awesome time to ROI. I didn’t sponsor more than twice a month since I didn’t want to annoy their readers. A friend yelled at me to do more. I moved to four times a month and the ROI stayed at the same rate. I realized there’s a lot of noise online so
it’s okay to advertise


Advertising decays. Over time you need to refresh your advertising if it’s working. At AppSumo we had a full-time person just refreshing our ads a few times a day. It’s a bit easier with news feed ads vs right-side ads.


Profit is all that matters. Ignore people who claim they get some really high Click-through-rate CTR (% of people that actually click their ad). If you are spending but not making money, stop.


Look for free marketing opportunities first. In How to make $1,000 a month business course I personally encourage people NOT to spend on ads until they’ve exhausted other marketing activities. It’s too easy to spend a lot on ads without great results.


via How to spend your first $100 in Facebook Ads | Noah Kagan’s Okdork.com.


Facebook’s New Offline Sales Measurement Trick Could Make Ad Clicks Obsolete

We knew this was where Facebook was going with this when they partnered with Datalogix.  Oh, and don’t feel like you should give Facebook all the credit for this.  This model was most likely inspired by ad agencies or big brands that knew this was possible.  There are already top 100 sites doing this sort of stuff.

Facebook’s Vice President Of Ads Product Marketing Brian Boland tells me “This has never been done at this scale, to link digital exposure to in-store sales for anyone with a CRM system.” Previously, Facebook had been privately testing the measurement tool with a select few advertisers, but now it’s available to any advertiser that buys directly from Facebook’s managed sales team.

via Facebook’s New Offline Sales Measurement Trick Could Make Ad Clicks Obsolete | TechCrunch.

Facebook doesn’t eat their own dog food

Wait, aren’t Sponsored Stories and other FB ads the perfect fit for this?  I guess not because FB had to go to TV to broadcast their message!

The company is taking the Airplane spot it showed at Thursday’s launch event and airing it as a TV commercial, starting with today’s Final Four men’s college basketball games on CBS. Additional spots — all produced by ad firm Wieden + Kennedy, will come in the coming weeks, Facebook said.

via Facebook Begins Big Push to Bring Mobile Users “Home” – Ina Fried – Mobile – AllThingsD.

Has Facebook Lost Faith in Social Ads?

Great headline and discussion of what’s going on with monetization at Facebook.  If it’s one thing I can give FB, it’s that they are really transparent with the way they play their cards.  I think the biggest strategic implication here is– if native monetization didn’t work for FB, then how can it work for any other property at scale?

While Facebook clearly isn’t abandoning social ads, its adoption of more tried-and-true online-ad models has the advantage of being more easily explained to CMOs, most of whom never grasped the significance of accruing fans and “likes,” according to Colin Sutton, social-media director at OMD

via Has Facebook Lost Faith in Social Ads? | Digital – Advertising Age.