Decent article on Mobile Ads– WSJ: What Works and What Doesn’t

Mobile Ads: What Works and What Doesn’t –

Good article.  Surprising to see this from WSJ.  It discusses all the current issues in mobile advertising and the state of play.

  • Mobile is different from desktop.  You can’t use the same old Web ad formats on the smartphone
  • The list of reasons why businesses aren’t using mobile is long and diverse: accidental clicks, difficulties buying ads in quantity, and unclear metrics
  • Search is pretty big on mobile
  • Innovative approaches on mobile include experimenting with messages they want consumers to believe are fun, pay rewards or help them find useful information
  • Another lever that’s getting a lot of experimentation is ad size.  As smartphone screens get larger, companies have found some success with ads such as “takeovers” that briefly fill all or most of a device’s screen.
  • There’s also just the typical spray and pray approach, similar to how it’s done on desktops.