Twitter Elite: You’re Now An Ad Target

I’ve talked about this ability to target and build historical 1:1 profiles on users as one of the future paths that this industry will test in the next couple of years.  Here’s a scoop on Twitter getting ready for it:

Watch out, Twitter power users. Twitter will now offer marketers the ability to target ads to specific users’ accounts. It’ll also let them do so based on their bio information, follower count, verified status and past tweets. That means the most popular of tweeters should expect an influx of ads as brands try to curry influence with those they covet most.

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“Twitter is developing an ad network for apps and websites that would target visitors based on what users tweet and who they follow”

Now that Twitter is almost a publicly traded company, it’s under pressure to find meaningful new sources of revenue. That may include advertising outside of users’ social streams, according to a new report from the Financial Times. Its sources claim that Twitter is developing an ad network for apps and websites that would target visitors based on what users tweet and who they follow. It wouldn’t resemble Facebook’s login-based advertising, however, as much of Twitter’s data is public. The network would reportedly launch soon after the firm completes its recent acquisition of MoPub, a mobile ad exchange.

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Twitter’s Data Mining Biz

Twitter is still figuring out how to extract the most value from its data business, which grew 53% over the past year, according to papers the company filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The company has clamped down on the amount of data that outside firms are allowed to pull from its system free of charge…

Many smaller analytics startups are now turning to four companies that Twitter has dubbed “certified data resellers.” These brokers, Gnip, Data Sift, Topsy and the Japanese firm NTT Data account for the bulk of Twitter’s data revenue. Last year, they paid Twitter monthly fees of about $35.6 million. via Twitter’s Lucrative Data Mining Business –

Twitter lead gen: ”I can tell you without any doubt: we’ve got a better response to the Twitter ad tonight than anything we’ve ever seen.”

Check out a screenshot of the job posting below and the link to it here. We woud have embedded the tweet but it seems the lead generation section isn’t a part of embedded tweets just yet.

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Twitter Advertising: Capture user interest with the Lead Generation Card

Marketers regularly talk to us about their goals, and for many it boils down to one major theme: generating leads, and ultimately driving purchases.

With those goals in mind, today there’s a new addition to our suite of Twitter Cards, one which helps brands drive highly qualified leads: the Lead Generation Card.

Twitter Cards let you bring rich experiences and useful tools to users within an expanded Tweet. The Lead Generation Card makes it easy for users to express interest in what your brand offers. Users can easily and securely share their email address with a business without leaving Twitter or having to fill out a cumbersome form.

When someone expands your Tweet, they see a description of the offer and a call to action. Their name, @username, and email address are already pre-filled within the Card. The user simply clicks a button to send this information directly (and securely) to you.

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Surprise! Twitter study shows that promoted tweets result in sales — Tech News and Analysis

Twitter has commissioned a new study Tuesday, initially reported by CNBC, showing that not surprisingly promoted tweets and Twitter advertising have resulted in increased sales to consumers and a greater awareness of brands when considering a purchase. via Surprise! Twitter study shows that promoted tweets result in sales — Tech News and Analysis.

Twitter Partners With Nielsen For @TwitterSurveys To Measure Ad Effectiveness

It irks me that they are using the term “native” to help describe this because although they can argue that it is a native experience, all it does is muddy the generally understanding of what native monetization means in today’s context of online media.  This is no different than when websites ping you to take a survey to collect feedback.

The company writes:

This is a native experience for the user, and we believe it will give brands better insights to determine purchase intent, overall awareness, and other advertising metrics and analytics that can lead to greater engagement on Twitter.

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