“Margins in small AdTech dropping, as is follow-on venture investment.”


AdKeeper announces new holding company

A few weeks ago, I wondered what’s up with AdKeeper.  Well, it looks like they’ve officially announced their pivot:

The company launched a new holding company Tuesday, called Keep Holdings, which manages a scaled-back AdKeeper in addition to two new products, Swizzle and Keep.com.

MaryAnn Bekkedahl, Keep Holdings’ president, said the new direction isn’t a departure from the company’s original mission of connecting consumers with brands they like. And, she added, they still support the notion of “keeping” ads.

via With ad-saving business slow, AdKeeper expands to email, Pinterest — Tech News and Analysis.

There’s also a new not-yet-announced product:

In the next few weeks, Keep Holdings plans to release another social commerce service called Keep.com. For now, the service is under wraps, but, in an interview with AdExchanger, CEO and co-founder Scott Kurnit described it as “a cross between Pinterest and Instagram in terms of social shopping.”


Just because you didn’t know about them doesn’t mean they didn’t exist

I say this in jest– Jeff is quite smart and I respect him as a VC (and entrepreneur).  He just published a book on venture capital and I think it’s a mighty fine intro to the industry.

Amazing how DSPs didn’t exist 12 months ago, and now they’re on every agency’s and advertiser’s lips.

via Twitter / Jeff Bussgang: Amazing how DSPs didn’t ex ….