TV Companies Resist Facebook Video Deals 

“If we just have a fundamental disconnect on how ad sales works, that’s a pretty big deal,” said Ron Lamprecht, executive vice president of business development and digital distribution at NBCUniversal.A Facebook spokeswoman pointed to recent comments at an industry event from the company’s director of product, Fidji Simo, who said that over the next few months Facebook would experiment with “a lot of different models” and that “it’s probably going to take a bit of time.”

Source: TV Companies Resist Facebook Video Deals – WSJ


Contrast to the pro-advertiser treatment here:

 “This may draw more ad dollars into Facebook since Facebook can now promise advertisers that their ads will be seen by a highly targeted audience,” says Teddy Lynn, CCO at Ogilvy & Mather.

This also might repair Facebook’s tarnished reputation with media agencies and advertisers after the social network recently altered its News Feed and Instagram algorithms to prioritize user posts, which can reduce organic reach.

Facebook’s ad-block strategy might alienate consumers, but platforms will replicate their plan anyway