A Former Yahoo Defends Marissa Mayer

An insider finally has a revelation that some outsiders already understood:

So I left the company a year ago along with some of the top minds in display monetization, most of whom ended up in places like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other direct competitors to Yahoo.

Marissa should have embraced these bright minds and incorporated their expertise and knowledge into her new native ad and mobile vision. She chose not to and Yahoo display revenue, at least in the short term, suffered as a result.

What I didn’t get then, but understand now, is Marissa most likely made a conscious decision to put the legacy display business on the backburner to focus on building a new, more modern monetization platform capable of driving predictable and systematic long-term growth for Yahoo.

A Former Yahoo Defends Marissa Mayer – Business Insider.

Google to Tie Mobile Web, App Trackers for Ad Targeting

Almost a year ago Google made headlines when word leaked that the company was prepping a replacement for the cookie, the primary technology used to track web users from site to site and aim certain ads at them. This new mobile ad-targeting method is not that replacement. Instead Google is taking the cookie dropped in a mobile web browser and connecting it with the mobile app equivalent of a cookie. Once those are connected, Google will be able to show the same ads to consumers whether they’re using a mobile browser or an app, or recognize consumers who saw one ad in an app and show them a follow-up ad on a mobile site.

Google to Tie Mobile Web, App Trackers for Ad Targeting | Digital – Advertising Age.

Google Ventures-Backed Quettra Raises $2.9 Million, So Advertisers Can Know Even More About You

From a few weeks ago:


blockquote>While giving advertisers even more access to information on a device that already shares location and other data might sound less than appealing, Jain says the technology could pave the way for ads that are ultimately more useful than the sort of just-in-time and app ads that dominate today’s mobile ad landscape.

Google Ventures-Backed Quettra Raises $2.9 Million, So Advertisers Can Know Even More About You | Re/code.

Dear Twitter: Don’t use an algorithm for the stream

The reality is that there is no other way to increase the signal to noise ratio while increasing the value of the network for users.

Despite a good second-quarter earnings call, Twitter is still labeled as a risk by financiers. People still aren’t clear about what Twitter wants to be when it grows up. CEO Dick Costello will not rule out an algorithmically led newsfeed that would adopt a Facebook-like approach to choosing only to display certain types of content.

Dear Twitter: Don’t use an algorithm for the stream – Digiday.